How do I order cleaning through the app?

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Frequently asked questions

How do I send a request?
After you have chosen your address, you select 1-3 preferred cleaners based on recommendations, comments and the amount of jobs the cleaners has done. By selecting more than 1 cleaner, the chances of getting a quicker response increases.

How do I cancel a job?
By clicking ‘change’ you can easily cancel the job.

I don’t receive a SMS when registering a profile.
If you did not receive a SMS in the registration, please try again. Should this not solve the problem, please contact us at

Can I choose several cleaners at the same time?
Yes, you may choose up to 3 cleaners at the same time when requesting cleaning. This increases your chances of getting a quicker response.

How many jobs do I get if I order recurring cleaning?
If you order recurring cleaning, the jobs will automatically renew, depending on your chosen frequency (i.e. each week, every other week etc.). You may at any time cancel your ordered jobs.

The cleaner did not show up
If the cleaner does not show up to the agreed time, we recommend that you contact the cleaner in the app’s chat function. If you do not get an answer from the cleaner within a reasonable amount of time, you may call our support at +47 913 70 090.

I am not happy with the cleaning performed
If you are not happy with the job done by the cleaner we recommend that you contact the cleaner in the app’s chat function and ask if he or she wants to come back and correct the work. If this does not solve the problem, please contact our support at and we will try to help you find a solution.

I am not able to change or cancel the job I have ordered
Should you have any problems with changing or cancelling the job, please contact us at and we will help you find a solution.

How can I know that the cleaners are verified by the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate?
All cleaners registered in the app are verified and have a verified HSE-card issued by the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate.

Who can register as a cleaner?
Anyone who wants can register as a cleaner. To be registered in the app the cleaner must have an approved work permit, be at least 18 years old and have an approved HSE-card. All cleaners who sign up in Vaskehjelp AS are self-employed.

What can I expect from the cleaners?
You and the cleaner agree to what should be done by communicating in the integrated chat. You select the time you believe the cleaner needs in order to complete the job.

How do I give the cleaner notice about my key?
When the cleaner has confirmed the assignment, a chat function will open between the customer and the cleaner. Here you will have the opportunity to chat with the cleaner and inform them where the key and cleaning equipment is, and specific information about rooms, etc. In this chat, google translate is available so if the cleaner does not speak the same language as the you, the cleaner has the opportunity to write messages in their own language.

How much time does the cleaner use?
You select how much time you want the cleaner to work for.

Do I need to be at home?
We recommend that you are home the first time a cleaner comes to your home so that you can show the cleaner around and provide instructions about the job. If this is not possible, you can let the cleaner know about practical information in the app’s chat function.

Who provides the necessary equipment for the cleaning?
It is the costumer’s responsibility to provide necessary equipment. This should include:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bathroom spray
  • Kitchen spray
  • Universal spray
  • Cloths for every room
  • Soap
  • Mop and bucket

How tidy does my home have to be?
We recommend tidying before the cleaner arrives so the cleaners can use their time more efficiently.

If you have pets in the house, they must be put in a cage orclosed room. The cleaner should be notified of any animals at the home and where they are.

What can I expect from the cleaners?
You and the cleaner agree to what should be done by communicating in the app’s integrated chat function. You select the time you believe the cleaner needs to complete the job.

How can I recommend my cleaner to others?
When the job is completed, you will have the opportunity to give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. You may then leave a comment about the job that has been performed. By giving a “thumbs up”, your comment will be visible in the cleaner’s profile and by giving a “thumbs down”, your comment will be sent to the cleaner as well as our Support Team.

Why do the cleaners operate with different rates?
All cleaners are self-employed and they therefore decide their own hourly rate. However, they cannot set their rate below the industry approved tariff. The price you pay as a customer includes the cleaners fee, VAT, as well as insurance and operating costs.

Why is my payment card charged before the cleaner is done?
Your card is being charged 24 hours before the job starts to ensure that all cleaners are paid for the work they do.

Are VAT and taxes being paid?
As all cleaners are self-employed, they are responsible for paying taxes of their income. Vaskehjelp AS ensures that VAT is being paid on behalf of the cleaners.

Do I get a receipt?
After the cleaner has completed the job, you will automatically receive a receipt to your registered email address.