Booking assignments

How do I order a cleaner?

You can book an assignment at er trough the app Vaskehjelp. After you enter your address, and wanted date and time of the assignment, you’ll get a list of available cleaners in your area. You can choose your desired cleaner based on their customer satisfaction score, recommendations from previous customers and number of completed jobs. When the cleaner confirms the assignment, you’ll receive a notification on your phone and you can communicate together in the chat.

Download the app:

What does it mean when an assignment is unconfirmed?

When you send a request to a cleaner, the assignment will be unconfirmed until the cleaner replies to the request. If the assignment is left unconfirmed for 24 hours, it will automatically be cancelled. You will be notified in the app when the assignment changes status.

Can I book a recurring assignment?

Yes, you can. During the booking process you can choose desired frequency of the assignment. You can choose between a one – time cleaning, every week, every second week etc. Vaskehjelp will find the days in the cleaner’s calendar that suits best with your wishes, so pay close attention to the dates in the order summary.

You will get a reminder of the assignment the day before the cleaner arrives, so you have time to prepare.

How long does a recurring assignment last?

When you book a recurring assignment, you’ll find all the relevant dates for the next 12 weeks under your active assignments. Vaskehjelp will automatically generate new assignments so you’ll have an overview of your future assignments 12 weeks ahead. The agreement will continue up until one of the parties choose to cancel.

How do I find the cleaner I’ve used before?

You can find a cleaner’s profile by searching for his/her name. By booking directly through the cleaner’s profile, you’ll have access to their calendar and book on dates you know they are available.

How do I change the booking?

You can edit an existing assignment right up until the moment the cleaner registers it as completed.

You can send a change request by going to active jobs, pressing «edit» and then «Change date or time». Add the new duration and/or new time for the assignment. The cleaner gets notified of your change request and must confirm for the changes to be valid. The cleaner can also send change request, which you as customer must accept.

Watch video of how to send a change request

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking by pressing «Edit» on the selected job, and «Cancel». If you wish to cancel all jobs in a recurring assignment, go to «More» – «Your profile» and «Subscriptions».

I have a company that need a cleaner, can I use Vaskehjelp?

Yes, you can. Even though we do not have a solution directly designed for companies, you can still use app and web service. You will have to register a profile as normal. After an assignment is registered as complete, the owner of the profile will receive a VAT receipt on e-mail.

Can I book a cleaner for other people?

Yes, you can, and you have two options: You can book a cleaner for someone else from your account,  but then you, as profile owner, must be the one to communicate with the cleaner and pay for the assignment. This is because it is only possible to have one mobile number and payment card registered in a profile today.

Your other option is to buy a gift card, so that the recipient easily can choose the cleaner and timing themselves, and be the one to communicate with the cleaner. You can buy gift cards here.

Are there tasks the cleaner can’t perform?

The cleaner can’t clean outside windows for security reasons. Aside from this, it depends on the cleaning tasks customer and cleaner agree on. The cleaner works solo, and can have problems with moving big, heavy furniture for cleaning.

Setting expectations

How does the cleaner know what I want cleaned?

Communication is important! Explain to your cleaner what you want the assignment to include via chat. If there are specific rooms/areas that shouldn’t be cleaned, this can also be clarified with the cleaner in the chat. It’s helpful to write a list the cleaner can follow along throughout the assignment, for this purpose you can download and print our cleaning checklist.

Please have a look at our list of what is normally included in a standard cleaning. If you do not agree on any specific tasks, this is what you should expect.

What can I expect from the assignment?

This depends on how many hours you booked and what you and the cleaner has agreed upon. It is important that customer and cleaner communicates well so that both parties have a clear expectation about what needs to be done. Often the cleaner works more efficiently after having been at the house several times and knows the place well.


Do the cleaners in Vaskehjelp work legally?

All cleaners who work through Vaskehjelp are self-employed and are followed up in the same way as other self-employed individuals for tax payments. Vaskehjelp pays VAT on behalf of cleaners and their profile is cross checked daily against The Norwegian Work Autorities (Arbeidstilsynet & Altinn). All cleaners must have their own organization number and a valid HSE-card issued by the Work Authorities.

Who can work as a cleaner in Vaskehjelp?

Experience and communication are valued in a cleaner. There are no restrictions on who can register as long as they are approved by official institutes like The Norwegian Work Authorities (Arbeidstilsynet) and Altinn. All cleaners must have an organization number connected to their sole proprietorship and a valid HSE – card from the Work Authorities.

How much do the cleaners earn?

As self-employed in Vaskehjelp, cleaners decide their own hourly rate. They cannot earn lower than the minimum wage for the cleaning industry.

How do I find the cleaner’s contact information?

When you book an assignment you and the cleaner can communicate through the chat. You can also find the cleaner’s telephone number in the information about the specific job.


Why do cleaners have different prices?

Everyone registered as a cleaner in Vaskehjelp are self – employed and decide their own hourly rate. They cannot earn lower than the minimum wage for the cleaning industry.

The price customers pay include the cleaner’s remuneration, insurance for both customer and cleaner, VAT, transaction costs and maintenance of the Vaskehjelp service and technology.

Why is my card transacted before the assignment start?

The payment is reserved 36 hours before the assignment start. This to ensure coverage on the card, and that the cleaner receives payment for the assignment. The transaction happens once the cleaner completes the assignment.

Can I pay with Vipps or other solutions?

No. In order for VAT to be paid and for insurance coverage of the assignment, all transactions must go through the app. When buying gift cards you can pay using Apple Pay, Vipps, invoice or credit card.

Is VAT and taxes paid?

All cleaners are self-employed and are responsible to pay tax on everything they earn. They will be followed up in the same way as other self-employed individuals for tax payments. Vaskehjelp pays VAT on behalf of all cleaners in the service.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, once the cleaner registers the assignment as complete you’ll automatically receive a receipt to your registered e-mail.

Practical things about the assignment

How much time do the cleaner need for an assignment?

You decide how many hours you want the cleaner to work. If it’s the first time the cleaner is at your house, it can be beneficial to book a little longer than you would use yourself, so that the cleaner can get familiar with your house.

Do I need to be home?

We recommend that you are home the first time the cleaner arrives to show him/her around the house, what you want cleaned and where you keep your cleaning equipment. This can also be discussed in the chat if you are unable to be home to greet the cleaner.

How do I notify the cleaner about keys etc.?

You can communicate in the chat about practical things regarding the assignment, for example about how the cleaner can lock him/herself in and out of the house.

Will I have to supply the cleaning equipment?

Yes, the customer must supply the equipment and should include:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket and mop
  • Soap
  • Universal cleaning agent
  • Kitchen cleaning agent
  • Bathroom cleaning agent
  • Washcloths suitable for every room
  • One-time gloves/cleaning gloves

For move-out cleaning we also recommend:

  • Window cleaning agent, cloths and squeegee for windows
  • Oven cleaning agent
  • Sponges with scrubbing side
  • Ladder / stool so that the cleaner can reach up to a height of 300 cm


How tidy should it be at home?

We recommend that you tidy up before the cleaner arrives, so the cleaning is as efficient as possible. If you want the cleaner to tidy up, ask him/her in the chat before the assignment.


If you have animals in the house, they must be put in a cage or locked room. Remember to tell the cleaner about the animal and where it is located.

How do I recommend my cleaner to other people?

Once the assignment is completed you can give feedback on the assignment with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. You can also choose to leave a comment about the job done. When you give a thumbs up your comment will be visible in the cleaner’s profile. With a thumbs down the comment will be sent directly to the cleaner and to the support team at Vaskehjelp.

You can send a link of the cleaner’s profile to a friend by pressing the «Share» symbol in the top right corner of the cleaner’s profile.

Technical challenges

I’m not receiving notice about new messages from cleaner. How do I get these?

You can get notifications if you allow the app to send these to you. Check your push notification settings in the app by pressing «More», «Settings» and «Push».

I can’t find the cleaner I want to use

It is important that the cleaner is available on the date and time you have chosen. The cleaner must also be available on your address. If you are outside the cleaner’s work area, the cleaner must move or increase their work area.

I receive an error message

Get in touch with our support department on 913 70 090 or and we will help you. Please add a screenshot and description of the problem if possible.

I’m not receiving SMS when trying to log in

Please ensure you only include numbers when you type in your phone number and no added space between numbers or after. Ensure the country code is correct.

If everything looks correct, please get in touch with our Support department if you don’t receive the SMS within a couple of minutes.

Problems with the assignment

The cleaner doesn’t show up

If the cleaner is late, please try to get in touch with him/her on phone or in the chat. You can find the cleaner’s contact details on the assignment details.

If you can’t get a hold of the cleaner, please contact our Support department on 913 70 090 or

I’m not happy with the completed assignment

We’re so sorry that you were not satisfied with the cleaning. Vaskehjelp is a platform-service where cleaners who are self-employed can register to take on assignments for customers who want to order “white” cleaning services. The cleaners are therefore not employed by us, but use our service to convey theirs. Since the cleaners are self-employed, Vaskehjelp is not directly responsible for the execution of the cleaning, but we still want to help both customers and cleaners to solve such matters.

Our experience shows that direct communication between customer and cleaner is a good place to start. Via the chat, you can through a constructive dialogue make an agreement that the cleaner can come back.

If dialogue with the cleaner doesn’t solve the matter, you can fill in our complaint form and we will follow up further.

Privacy, terms and insurance


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Please review the general conditions for use of the services provided by Vaskehjelp AS.

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