Advantages of a recurring assignment

Get a sparkling clean home as often as you want – it pays off! If you are unsure whether an agreement is for you, we have collected the biggest advantages below. With a permanent cleaner your chances of getting the best possible result will increase, since the cleaner gets to know your home and your cleaning needs well.

Permanent cleaner to a fixed price

  • You choose cleaner yourself based on their profile and customer reviews
  • With a recurring assignment your assignment-price will be fixed

The interval that suits you best

  • You choose how often you want a sparkling clean home
  • Choose between assignments every week, every 2, 3 or 4 weeks

The duration of a recurring assignment

  • New assignments are automatically generated for the next 12 weeks and added to your active assignments
  • The agreement is ongoing until one of the parties cancels the agreement

No time restraint

  • You can cancel the agreement at any time without charge
  • You can change the number of hours or time in a single assignment with change request, see video

Terms and conditions

Read more about our policies for booking and cancellation of standard cleaning in our terms and conditions