Recommendations for customers and cleaners in Vaskehjelp

We are once again facing troubled times, with less social contact and more limitations in our everyday life. We wish our customers and cleaners a safe winter and display our recommendations for safe cleaning.

Pay attention to public rules and recommendations

Vaskehjelp urge everyone who offers cleaning services through our platform and our customers to stay updated on, and follow, the national and local rules and recommendations related to the covid-19 situation. These are particularly important for you:

  • Keep a safe distance of at least one meter, and don’t shake hands or hug – even though it’s Christmas.
  • Use a mask when it’s not possible to keep at least one meter distance

A complete and updated list of national rules and recommendations can be found at the governments website. Please be aware that there might be more and stricter rules you would have to consider in your municipality. You will find more information about these at your municipality’s website.

What happens if I get sick?

If you are sick in quarantine or isolation, you should not invite a cleaner to your home. We urge you to notify your cleaner about the situation as soon as possible so that you can agree upon an alternative solution.

You can use the change request functionality to move your booked cleaning to a better time. What would be better than getting the cleaning done when you’re back on track again?

To send a change request, go to active jobs and press “change” followed by “Change date or time”. Here you can edit the time and duration of the assignment if you want an extra thorough cleaning. Your cleaner will be notified about your change request and would have to confirm it for it be be valid. If the cleaner sends you a change request, you would need to confirm it for it to be valid.

See our video of how to send a change request

Customer and cleaner should keep in touch

If you as a customer has specific wishes concerning the safety of the cleaning assignment, we recommend you discuss this with your cleaner. Some of the cleaners in Vaskehjelp have already written some words about safe cleaning and precautions in their profile, but don’t hesitate to ask. After booking you will get the opportunity to reach out to your cleaner by chat or phone, and you can together agree on the precautions important for you both.

Got questions?

We’ll gladly help you with clarifications and advice. Please contact us trough chat (down in the right corner of our website), call us at 913 70 090 or send us an email at