You are insured by IF Insurance via Vaskehjelp AS

General information on insurance of assignments via Vaskehjelp AS
Vaskehjelp AS has established insurance policies that cover the assignments as agreed between you as a customer, and the cleaner who is booked for the assignment. The insurance only covers the scope of assignments that are registered and agreed upon via the Vaskehjelp AS App. The general job description and the terms and conditions, which are accepted on initial registration as a customer or cleaner in the App, also apply to the insurance agreement scope. Any services beyond this will thus not be covered by the insurance contract.

Insurance policies for customers

To be considered a customer of Vaskehjelp AS, you must book your assignments via the app. Under the insurance plan, those ordering cleaning are referred to as the “principal” and the person performing the cleaning as “contractor”.

The customer (principal) is covered by the following insurances:

  • Liability insurance covers legal liability for damage to property or person who washes (contractor) that may occur during an agreed assignment. The liability is determined in relation to Norwegian laws and rules of law. The sum insured is up to NOK 10 million per claim.
  • Insurance for loss of keys covers expenses if the contractor loses or otherwise causes the keys to go astray. This typically includes the costs of replacing locks, security, insurance and the like. The sum insured is up to NOK 300.000 per claim.
  • Crime insurance covering loss suffered by you as a customer (principal) through criminal acts which can be proven or are probable to be done by the cleaner. To claim, the case must be reported to police before the matter can be reported as an insurance case. The sum insured is up to NOK 10 million per claim.

In the insurance contract, further terms and conditions are outlined in relation to what is and is not covered, and other provisions. In the insurance contract, there is a deductible. This does not apply to you as a customer (principal), but as a deductible which the cleaner (contractor) or Vaskehjelp AS pays after the customer has received approval for an injury/damage. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the insurance conditions.

As a customer (principal) of Vaskehjelp AS’s App you do not have workers’ compensation liability for the cleaner (contractor).

By ordering cleaning via Vaskehjelp AS’s App you are considered to be the “principal” and ordering cleaning assignments of a cleaner (contractor), who is registered with a private firm. You have no liability in relation to the Law on occupational injury.

Liability for personal injury, including insurance obligation to the Law on workers’ compensation, is often a concern for those who engage a private person for cleaning assignments. It is a moral and legal problem for those who have not booked cleaning via a cleaning company. If you get into a situation where you get workers’ compensation duty, and do not have occupational injury insurance, you risk having to pay the compensation yourself. It could have enormous economic consequences.

However, as a customer of Vaskehjelp AS you should know that the cleaner is covered by an accident insurance that provides compensation for personal injury to the cleaner if they are involved in an accident while carrying out jobs for you.

Insurance policies for cleaners

The cleaner (contractor) is covered by the following insurances:

  • Accident insurance covering personal injury resulting from an accident while carrying out assignments booked and confirmed via the app. The policy also applies to direct travel between home and the assignment location, as well as direct travel between different assignment locations.
  • Types of events covered by insurance include:
    • Applied treatment expenses
    • Loss of income, limited to income from assignment via Vaskehjelp AS in the period until the lasting consequence of the damage is determined
    • Acquisition replacement, replacement of future loss of income is limited to income earned via Vaskehjelp AS
    • Compensation for permanent injury
    • Death benefit
    • See certificate of insurance and conditions for complete information about insurance coverage, exclusions and limitations
  • Liability insurance covers legal liability for damage to property or person that you as a cleaner (contractor) can inflict upon the customer (principal) through the agreed assignment. The liability is determined in relation to Norwegian laws and rules of law. The sum insured is up to NOK 10 million per claim. Your deductible for damage is NOK 10.000.
  • Insurance for loss of keys which covers expenses if you as the cleaner (contractor) loses or otherwise causes the keys to go astray. It will typically be expenditure for the replacement of locks, security, protection, and the like. The sum insured is up to NOK 300.000 per claim. Your deductible for damage is NOK 10.000.
  • Crime insurance covering loss suffered by the customer (principal) through criminal acts which can be proven / probable that you as the contractor have performed. Claims must be reported to the police before the matter can be reported as an insurance claim. This ensures that only well-founded claims are made. The sum insured is up to NOK 10 million per claim. Your deductible is NOK 10.000.

Liability and crime insurance secures that you as a contractor with a private registered company have the insurance that is standard and recommended for all companies. It should be particularly noted that the insurance only applies to you as a sole proprietor. If other people are hired in your company, you and your company will no longer be covered by the collective insurance scheme via Vaskehjelp AS.

Report damage and collect documentation as soon as possible

Feel free to photograph any damage and place these items in the damage report. If the damage should be inspected, it is important to take prompt contact and do not clear or change the conditions at the scene. However, you must implement the necessary measures to prevent injury or serious damage.

Damages can be reported by both you as a customer. It is a great advantage if an injury is reported “immediately and without undue delay”, but according to the Insurance Act, an injury may be reported within 1 year. It is important that the message of damage specifies:

  • Customer (Principal) registered in the assignment in App
  • Cleaner (Contractor) registered at the mission in App
  • Injury Time, date and time
  • Incident: Address
  • The damaged part: Name, phone number and e-mail
  • What is damaged: Short Description
  • What is believed to be the cause of damage: Short Description
  • If it is believed others are responsible for the damage: Name and grounds.

The notice should be sent by e-mail to, but may also be sent by mail to Vaskehjelp AS, Tungasletta 8, 7047 Trondheim.

If the damage is such that immediate contact is necessary, call support telephone +47 913 70 090.


Personal data will be treated according to the Personal Data Act. By accepting the terms of app, you give consent simultaneously that your personal data can be used as laid down in the Personal Data Act Chapter II.

It should be safe to make use of our services and we in Vaskehelp AS are doing everything we can to ensure the privacy of our users and partners at any time. In this document, we provide information about when, why and how we treat your personal information in connection with your use of Vaskehjelp ™ and what rights you have for access and control of your personal information.

    We will only process personal information about our users, which is necessary to manage your use of the service and to ensure access to the information you need in connection with ordering and monitoring of cleaning assignments.
    Specifically, this means that we register and process the following information:
    a) Name, address, email address, phone number.
    b ) Payment Information (Credit Card Information)
    c) Information about active and completed assignments (time, place, remuneration, etc)
    d) Information communicated in chat functionality with the cleaner.
    e) IP-address when visiting Vaskehelp´s websites
    We do not process sensitive personal information about our users and encourage customers and cleaners to refrain from sharing such information via Vaskehjelp ™.
    The personal information we process will be used to manage the service and provide you with the necessary information about your assignments and customer history . We reserve the right to inform customers and cleaners about any errors in the App per SMS .When you visit Vaskehjelp´s websites, your IP-address can also be used to help us improving our online services and develop our information offer to you, cf. section 8.
    The information we process is derived from information that you provided in connection with your registration as a user of the service, as well as information we receive through the use of the service (orders, assignments, etc) . This may also include information we receive from cleaners or which we otherwise collect directly from available sources. This may include information from identity checks, etc.
    We process your personal information based on the consent you gave us in connection with the establishment of a user of the service and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy.
    We will limit access to personal information about our users to those of our employees and contractors who need such access based on the purposes mentioned in section 1 above. We will also be able to provide necessary information to cleaners who provide services through Vaskehjelp ™. All cleaners have undertaken similar obligations regarding the proper processing of your personal information based on their service agreement with us.We may also share this information with our data servers, see section 6 , and for special needs also the company’s advisors, auditors, lawyers, IT consultants and others. In such cases, we will ensure that all information is fully processed in accordance with the purposes and that our suppliers also will be responsible for the processing of your personal information within the scope of this privacy policy.
    We will be able to use data processors who assist us in processing personal information about our users . This will include providers of storage and operating services (Amazon Web Services and similar providers of “cloud services”), as well as distributor of advertising announcement and analytics services such as Google Analytics. In addition, personal information may be available to providers of service and maintenance (service / support).As mentioned above, our data processors can be located abroad (both inside and outside the EU) and your consent to storage and use also includes the transfer of personal information to these data processors. However, we will ensure that all our data processors have – and maintain – a reasonable level of security on their processing activities so that your personal information is safe even when processed outside of Norway.Data processors do not have the right to transfer your personal information to other (subcontractors) for storage or processing without prior written agreement with us.An overview of our use of data processors users will be provided by us on request.The information will not be made available to outsiders for any other purposes. As a matter of form, we note that the information may be disclosed based on a public / legal order, for example to tax authorities or other public bodies or institutions.
    Personal data is kept as long as it is needed for the purposes of the processing and will then be deleted. Information about ongoing and past assignments, including information exchanged with cleaners, will be stored until you delete your profile on Vaskehjelp ™.We can preserve customers´ data up to 12 months after you have deleted your profile on Vaskehjelp ™. This storage is based among others on the applicable requirements for storage of accounting documents, etc. but is also necessary to safeguard your interests in case of possible complaints and other related to customer relationships, as well as the need to have access to history around contacts and deliveries.You may at any time ask us to delete information related to you, unless it is required by law to keep the information for a certain period of time .
    As long as the customer relationship varies, we will send you communication and marketing materials such as newsletter and other marketing materials which we consider to be relevant for you.We consider a customer relationship to be finally terminated 3 years after performance of our last service, unless further communication with the customer gives us indication to classify this as an on-going customer relationship.Vaskehjelp´s website uses cookies. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer when you visit our website. Cookies are used for remembering your preferences or actions over time, as well as your on logging.We use first party cookies on our website which are set by the web server of the visited page and share the same domain. These are cookies which are:

    • Necessary: these are necessary for the functionality of our website, i.e. storage of user data for further identification and authorisation
    • Functional: these help us recognising your preferences such as your language settings.
    • Used for analytics purposes: these help us count the number of visitors on your website as well as informing us about the activity on our website. We use WebAnalytics cookies for that purpose.

    We use also third party cookies which are stored by a different domain to the visited page´s domain for marketing purposes. These register your behaviour on our website and are used to send you tailor-made advertisements when you visit other websites.
    You can at any time adjust your privacy settings here

    All our users should be informed about the processing of personal information that concerns them. Our privacy policy must therefore be available to customers on the company’s website, and it should be shown to this with an inlaid link when setting up a user profile. For customers who are in contact with us otherwise, there will be given notice that this information is available when the personal information is collected from the customer.
    As registered are you entitled to:

    • gain access to the personal information we process about you ,
    • claim that incorrect, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated personal information is corrected or removed,
    • receive the personal information about yourself that you have given us and transfer it to another data controller (data portability),
    • contact us if you have any input or questions related to our processing of personal information,
    • complain directly to the data supervisory authority if you consider that the processing of your personal information is in violation with the applicable law.
    We have established procedures and measures at different levels to ensure that unauthorized persons are not given access to your personal information and that all processing of the information is in accordance with applicable law. The measures include, among others, regular risk assessments, technical systems and physical procedures to ensure information security and routines to verify requests about access to and rectification of personal information. Further information on these risk assessments and security measures can be obtained by contacting us.
    Customers who have questions or requirements regarding our processing of personal information can contact us via:, phone: +47 913 70 090