I want to become a cleaner

What does it mean being a cleaner in Vaskehjelp?

Everyone who work as a cleaner through Vaskehjelp is self-employed and are in charge of their own workday. Cleaners decide their hourly rate, where they want to work, and when they want to work.

How do I start working as a cleaner in Vaskehjelp?

To offer cleaning services in Vaskehjelp you will need an organization number and an HSE-card issued by the Norwegian Labor inspection Authority. Please visit our Become a cleaner page for instruction videos if you need help attaining an organization number and HSE-card.

Which costs are connected with being a cleaner in Vaskehjelp?

There are no costs associated with having a profile in Vaskehjelp. Establishing a sole proprietorship with an organization number at the Brønnøysund Register costs NOK 2,499. The HSE-card from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority costs NOK 124 ex. VAT.

My HSE-card was not approved. What do I do now?

If your HSE-card receive the status «not approved» it is usually one of the following reasons. The first is that you have failed to submit an order of the card before the given time period (usually 14 days) via www.hmskort.no.

The second reason is that there are criteria on either the photo or identification that hasn’t been met. It could be because of low quality, or one of the documents was not submitted. Should you get the HSE-card status «not approved», you must get in touch with www.hmskort.no to see what you need to do in order to get the card approved.

Receiving assignments

How do I receive assignments?

When a customer books an assignment they must enter their address, how many hours they want cleaning for, and wanted time and date. They must also choose either a one – time cleaning or a recurring assignment. The customer will then get a search result of the cleaners that are available in the area at the time they have chosen. The search result will be sorted based on price, feedback from customers and cancellation rate etc. It is the customer who choose which cleaner they want to send the assignment to.

Can customers search for my profile?

Yes, customers can find your profile directly by searching for your name. This will give them access to your calendar which illustrates your availability.

What happens when a customer has booked me?

When a customer sends you an assignment you will receive a notification in the app. You will then have to accept or reject the assignment. Remember the quicker you reply, the lower your average response time will be.

What does it mean when an assignment is unconfirmed?

When a customer sends a request, the assignment will be unconfirmed until you reply to the request. If the assignment is left unconfirmed for 24 hours, it will automatically be cancelled.

What is a recurring assignment?

Customers can choose to book a one-time cleaning or a recurring cleaning. They can choose to book regular cleaning every week, every second week, every third week and every fourth week. Customers choose their preferred weekday and start time, and Vaskehjelp will find the days and times in your calendar that suits best with the customer’s wishes. It is therefore important to note the dates of a recurring assignment.

Your customer gets a reminder of the upcoming assignment the evening before your arrival.

When you have an active recurring assignment, new dates will be added automatically so that you will always have an overview of the next 12 weeks.


Why is it important to have a good profile?

Your profile is the first thing customers see of you, it is therefore important to spend time creating and maintaining a good profile.

Upload a profile picture of yourself. Customers want to see who they let into their home. Remember to smile, have good lighting and a neutral background. Customers want to see your face, but no selfie.

Write about yourself. Your experience, who you are and why customers should choose you.

Work actively to do the job as good as possible. If you give a good first impression, you’ll receive great feedback on your profile and the customers will talk warmly of you and your work to their network, which could lead to more assignments.

How do I get recommendations on my profile?

Once you have registered the job as complete, your customer will have the opportunity to give you feedback and leave a comment that is visible on your profile.


In the search result page customers will see your customer satisfaction score, your total number of customers and the number of appointments completed. Feedback from previous customers can be found in your profile.

How does cancellations and rejections affect my profile?

In order to establish a stable and satisfied customer base, it is important to keep the number of cancellations and rejections as low as possible. By having an updated calendar and work area, it should not be necessary to reject assignments. Should you still need to cancel or reject, it will change your placement in the search result for when a customer books a new assignment. If you exceed a number of cancellations/rejections that Vaskehjelp considers unacceptable, you will be contacted by us to discuss further cooperation.

How big should my work area be?

This is up to you, and will vary based on whether you walk, take the bus, use public transport or drive your own car. If you notice you are receiving requests from areas too far away, you should reduce your work area.

How often should I update my calendar?

We recommend that you set a fixed availability for the nearest future, so you can receive recurring assignments from customers. Next, it is smart to look through your calendar every week to see if there are days/times you are unable to work, and consequently remove your availability on these times.

Communication with customer

Do I have to communicate with the customers, or will Vaskehjelp do this?

Every customer that sends you a job request is your customer. It is therefore important that you attend to them, and communicate well before, during and after you have completed the assignment.

Why is it important to communicate with the customer?

Customers appreciate cleaners who are punctual, trustworthy and easy to communicate with. We encourage starting a dialogue with customers as soon as you receive a job request in order to build a strong partnership with them.

How do I get in touch with the customer?

You can contact customers through the chat. Every assignment has a chat where you can talk about everything related to the assignment.

How do I receive information about the key etc.?

You and the customer can communicate in the chat. In the chat, the customer can inform you about practical things related to the assignment, such as where you can find the key etc.

Completing assignments

What level of cleaning is expected of me?

Please ask the customer what he or she wants to be cleaned before you start the assignment. The customer might provide you with a written list of tasks, or you can bring our cleaning checklist for you and the customer to discuss. Communication is important in order for both parties to know what is expected in terms of cleanliness and the equipment the customer needs to supply. You can see an overview of what is typically included in a standard cleaning here.

Do I have to provide the cleaning equipment?

The customer is responsible for supplying necessary cleaning equipment. Should you miss anything, get in touch with the customer through the chat.

Washdown when moving

If a customer books you for washdown of a home when they are moving, they will expect more than a standard cleaning. In this instance it is especially important to clarify the customer’s expectation of the assignment, and what equipment the customer needs to supply. If you do not wish to receive requests about washdowns, you can specify this in your profile.

What do I do when I have completed the assignment?

When you are finished with an assignment, you press «register as complete». The assignment will then move from «Confirmed» to «Archive» and you will also find the completed job on your economy page.

What if the assignment takes longer than planed?

Talk to your customer early about wanting to change the length of an assignment. If you agree on a new length of the assignment either cleaner or customer can edit the length of the assignment up until the assignment is registered as completed. This is done trough a change request.

Can I change an assignment?

By sending a change request, you can edit an assignment until it is registered as completed. You send a change request by pressing «edit» on the desired job and can choose to change the date & time or the length of the assignment. Customers must accept the new requirements for them to be valid. Customers can also send change request, which the cleaner must accept to be valid.

What if the customer cancels the assignment?

If the customer cancels the assignment you will get a push notification in the app and you will not complete the assignment.

What if I’m sick and have to stay home?

Always notify your customer if you are unable to arrive. It is your responsibility to cancel the assignment and suggest a new date and time.

What if the customer is unhappy with the result?

If the customer is unhappy with the result, we recommend that the customer contact you so you’ll have the chance to fix the situation. The customer can complain within 24 hours after the assignment is completed. They will have to document with photos of what they are unhappy with and send it to you, with a copy to us at [email protected]. Vaskehjelp AS will hold the payment until the complaint is settled between the parties.

A friend wants to work with me. How can we do this?

The terms and conditions in Vaskehjelp, and insurance agreement with IF dictates that it is only the owner of the organization number that can perform the assignments. If you have a friend that is interested in working as a cleaner via Vaskehjelp, please refer them to the instruction video under «Become a cleaner». They can then open their own sole proprietorship and take jobs through Vaskehjelp.

Assignments outside Vaskehjelp

It is not allowed to agree on assignments with customers without the use of Vaskehjelp. If such cases are detected, it will cause your profile to be automatically deleted from the service and you will be held liable for any loss Vaskehjelp AS may be incurred. Every assignment between customer and cleaner where original contact was conveyed through Vaskehjelp will follow these terms.

Technical challenges

I’m not receiving alerts about new assignments or messages from customers. How do I get these?

To receive notifications on your phone, you must allow the app to send these to you. Check your notification settings in the app by pressing «More», «Settings» and «Push».

A customer is trying to book me, but is unable to find my profile

This can be because of several reasons. Firstly, it is important that your calendar is available on the date/time the customer is trying to book you.

If the customer still can’t find you, and you have updated your availability, it is likely because of your work area. The customer could be outside your radius, so you will have to increase the size of your radius or move the marker to include the customer’s address.

I’m receiving an error message

Please get in touch with out support department on 913 70 090 or [email protected] and we will assist you. Please send us a screenshot and a description of the problem if possible.

I’m not receiving SMS when trying to log in

Please ensure you only include numbers when you type in your phone number and no added space between numbers or after. Ensure the country code is correct.

If everything looks correct, please get in touch with our Support department if you don’t receive the SMS within a couple of minutes.


When will I receive payment for the assignments?

You will receive remuneration for your completed assignments every two weeks. Payment dates are the 1stand 15th of every month. Assignments completed between the 11th – 25th every month is paid on the 1st. Assignments completed between the 26th – 10th every month is paid on the 15th. If the payment date lands on a weekend or bank holiday, you will receive the remuneration on the next workday.

What is my hourly rate?

All cleaners who work through Vaskehjelp are self-employed and set their own hourly rate. You cannot set an hourly rate lower than the minimum wage for the cleaning industry.

You can find an overview of your payments and payment dates under the «economy page» in the app.

VAT and tax

How do I pay VAT?

As a cleaner in Vaskehjelp VAT is paid from the first NOK earned. VAT is included in the price customer pays and is paid by Vaskehjelp. You do not have to pay VAT yourself.

How do I pay tax on the remuneration I receive?

One pays taxes in advance, and you will receive quarterly invoices based on an estimate you have given to the tax office (skatteetaten) which must be paid within the due date.

We encourage every cleaner to pay attention to the guidelines of the tax office. Please get in touch with them and estimate your income to see how much you will need to pay every quarter.

How do I submit my tax return when I receive payments from Vaskehjelp?

All cleaners will yearly receive a specific participant’s task that illustrates how much remuneration they received from Vaskehjelp the year before, and this amount must be added to the tax return. We will also send you an instruction video which outlines in detail which form you need to use, and how to add this to your tax return.

Must I send invoices to my customers?

No. All transactions are recorded by Vaskehjelp AS. The total price is reserved on the customer’s payment card and will be withdrawn when you register the assignment as completed.

Privacy and insurance


Personal data will be treated according to the Personal Data Act. By accepting the terms of the app, you simultaneously give consent that your personal data can be used as laid down in the Personal Data Act Chapter ll.


Please review our Terms and Conditions before registering a profile by Vaskehjelp AS.


All assignments that are carried out via Vaskehelp is insured via IF.

Should I have my own insurance on top of the one I have through Vaskehjelp?

If you only take jobs through Vaskehjelp it is not necessary to have further insurance. Read more under «Insurance» and «Cleaner» to have a closer look at what it entails.