Meet Sebhat

Sebhat first heard about Vaskehjelp through some friends and is now one of the most eager cleaners to use the service. Like Alicja, he is one of the first cleaners to run his business through the Vaskehjelp app. He has now worked as a cleaner for more than a year and does an impeccable job, receiving fantastic feedback from his customers.


Name: Sebhat

Originally from: Addis Abeba in Ethiopia

Currently Lives: Trondheim

Work: Cleaner and Photographer

Hobbies and interests: As a professional photographer, I spend much of my spare time taking photos. I am a creative person so I enjoy writing blog posts and articles as well as travelling, reading, listening to music and visiting friends.

Where did you first hear about Vaskehjelp?

The Vaskehjelp app was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Klæbu, where Tonje Vanebo, the Founder, first started the concept. I was instantly curious and quickly got some assistance to set up my own cleaning company. I believe that this service will grow quickly and more people will know about the great service that Vaskehjelp offers.

Do you recommend working as cleaner at Vaskehjelp

Yes, definitely. The app is simple to use. I showed it to some friends and three of them quickly registered and are also working as cleaners.

Do people tidy up their homes before you arrive to clean?

I find that most people tidy up their home before I arrive as well as preparing the cleaning products and equipment that I will need on the day. I think most customers realise that this makes cleaning go more efficiently.

Do you think it is a good thing that the customers can see the feedback each of the cleaners has received in the app?

Yes, I think it’s great. I have received great feedback so I know my customers are satisfied. The app allows customers to send thank you messages, which I often receive. I was even given a Christmas presents from one customer.

How many hours do you usually spend on cleaning a standard home?

That really depends on the size of the home, how many hours the customer books the assignment for or how thorough a clean they want done. It varies greatly but often an assignment is around two to four hours.

Are there more cleaning requests around holidays?

In the summer, there are often less bookings as this is when most people in Norway are on holiday. We often have many bookings in the lead up to Christmas, and generally there are many bookings on a Friday. People like to start the weekend with a clean home.

What is your favourite part about working with Vaskehjelp?

It’s a new and modern way to find and create your own workplace. I can decide on where I work, what my fees are and how much my customers can book assignments with me through the app. It is a very flexible solution for both parties. I believe that many people are looking for a unique service such as this one.