Less cleaning, more available time

Nowadays we value our flexibility and freedom more than ever before. When it comes to the home, 11% of Norwegians are choosing to skip housework altogether and let someone else do it.

Parents with young children often find it a struggle to balance work responsibilities, children’s commitments, such as sporting activities, and spending enough quality time together. Students living in shared housing squabble over whose turn it is to do the cleaning. Working couples try hard to meet the balance of work and social life. Whether you are house proud or not and no matter which life stage you are at, cleaning is often low down on the list priorities. One thing that͛s for sure, priorities have changed over the last few decades in relation to what is important to us in everyday life, the roles within the core family, and what we choose to spend our money on.

Changes in lifestyle and income

Today, over half a million Norwegians choose to pay for home cleaning and that number is on the increase. Paying for a firm to clean your home in Norway was relatively unprecedented until recent years. This trend has now changed due to an increase in household income and education levels. Today, 32% of households with an income of over one million Norwegian kroner hire a cleaning company.

The need for professional cleaners varies depending on the stage of life. Young adults have the least demand for cleaners and tend to tackle the job themselves. The highest demand comes from older men, and parents with children living at home. It is well known that life with toddlers is busy and hectic, with some parents reducing their working hours to enjoy a balance of work and leisure time. Hiring cleaning services can help to alleviate the pressure and free up some time. The elderly often have different reasons to bring in a cleaner to their home, especially if health prevents them from tackling everyday chores by themselves.

Traditional roles in the home have changed

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Today, we are concerned with having quality time with our partners and families. In addition, roles have changed in the home. Men are more involved in their role as fathers and with spending more quality time with their children than previous generations have traditionally done. Norwegian men benefit from more paternity leave than ever before (10 to 14 weeks from July 2018) and they also have a much bigger role in caring for children today. We live in a much more equal society. Cleaning is no longer considered the responsibility of the woman and hiring cleaning services frees up more time for the whole family.

Freeing up time for those special occasions

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Ordering cleaning services frees up time during the busy working week but it can also be even more valuable during the holiday season to book Christmas cleaning services. By freeing up your day, you can spend time on all the things you love rather than household chores. In doing this, you can relax and spend time getting festive by using your available time baking Christmas cookies or wrapping gifts for friends and loved ones. As you know, the holidays can be an extra busy period. Vaskehjelp doesn’t just offer home cleaning services around Christmastime but also for other holidays and special occasions. There are many cleaners happy to help out no matter what the occasion is.

Insurance and peace of mind

Through Vaskehjelp, you can benefit from affordable house keeping with insurance included, so you don’t have to worry about whether your home, objects or keys are safe. All orders booked through the app are insured by If insurance company. Vaskehjelp offers a completely unique solution with maximum flexibility for both cleaners and customers. The Vaskehjelp app also has a visible star rating so you can see each cleaner’s total star rating and who recommendations. This combined with insurance should provide you with peace of mind when inviting a cleaner into your home.

Once you have used the app a few times, you can start to rate your favourite cleaners through star ratings and reviews. This way the most dutiful and punctual cleaners will be given more assignments. For the customer, this feature means that you can select cleaners based on good feedback before you select the right person for the job. If you would like to find out more about our services, download the Vaskehjelp app from the Apple Store or Google Play for a list of all our cleaners and services. Vaskehjelp is currently available in Trondheim but the services are now being rolled out across the five largest Norwegian cities.