Meet Alicja

Alicja is one of the very first cleaners to start working with Vaskehjelp and is now one of our top related cleaners in the app. She moved to Trondheim two years ago and has been working as a professional cleaner for over a year. Alicja highly recommends Vaskehjelp as a flexible job solution.


Name: Alicja Fraszka

Age: 37

Originally from: Szczytno in Poland

Currently lives: Central Trondheim

Work: Cleaner

Family: My brother and his family also live in Trondheim and I have many friends here that I enjoy spending time with.

Hobbies and interests: I’m passionate about interior design. I am happy to give customers styling tips in addition to housekeeping advice. In my free time, I love hiking in the mountains and walking by the sea. I also enjoy spending time in Trondheim as it is such a beautiful city.

How did you first hear about Vaskehjelp?

When I first came to Trondheim two years ago to visit my brother I was more or less working as a housekeeper for him. Then the thought came to me that I might move here on a more permanent basis. I heard about Vaskehjelp through a post that was published in a Facebook group for cleaners. I contacted them immediately and was working for them within one week. Then it was decided, I was staying in Trondheim.

I often visit the Vaskehjelp office and have received excellent service and advice from the Founder, Tonje Vanebo, when it comes to setting up my own company. Everyone who works with Vaskehjelp owns their own cleaning company which makes the logistics and flexibility easier.

What is your favourite part about working with Vaskehjelp?

In my experience the customers are always friendly and the job is flexible. A standard house normally takes three to four hours to clean and I can choose how many houses I do each week. I also like that I have repeat customers and that I often receive positive feedback from my clients with thank you messages or good praise through the apps chat feature.

What type of cleaning job do you prefer?

I like being booked to clean a home for a special occasion as the customer often appreciates it that little bit more. When I clean, it often frees up time for my customers so that they can prepare in other ways. I was booked for a pre-Christmas clean once and as I took a break and looked around me I was touched at how beautiful all the Christmas lights and decorations are in Norway.

Do people tidy up their homes before you arrive to clean?

Most people are quite tidy but often families with young children don’t have time to prioritise this. I recommend having a clear agreement with the customer on expectations in advance of each cleaning job. This can also be done through the apps chat function in advance of the booking.

Why do you think so many people want assistance cleaning their home?

A lot of people don ́t have much free time these days and I assume they would rather spend time with their families or shopping and drinking coffee with friends, just like myself.

Is it a good thing that the customers can see cleaner feedback in the app?

I am proud to receive great ratings in the app for the work I do and I think it is a fair way to justify which cleaners are doing the best work. I also like the possibility to be discovered by new customers.

Do you work daily as a cleaner?

No, I have chosen not to work as a cleaner daily because until recently I also worked in a restaurant. I am now planning to work as much as possible with Vaskehjelp. To date, I have secured some fixed cleaning assignments. People tend to book home cleaning while they are at work. This way I can be efficient and focused on the job and have therefore developed some good routines.

What are the challenges of the job?

It is rare that I come across any challenges but that is because I have learned to clarify the details of each assignment before I arrive at the house. Often, I have a large area to cover in a given time frame so this way I can give extra attention to the areas that the customer thinks are important.