Vaskehjelp AS is a marketplace that connects customers to cleaners in their geographical area.


In the app, you register your own profile. You then enter the address of the place you would like cleaned. You can choose if you want to order housekeeping only once or if you wish to book regular cleaning, for example every fortnight. In the app, you will always see when your cleaner arrives.
You also have the opportunity to change your order and cancel if necessary. If your cleaner gets sick you'll easily find someone else who is available in your area.
You are insured with IF when using Vaskehjelp AS. Read more about the terms and conditions under insurance.

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You decide the time of day you would like your cleaner to arrive.

How do I book a cleaner?

To book a cleaner press "Add Job". Then select a location. If you have no registered sites, press "add location".
You will then be asked about the type of house you have. The app will estimate how long the cleaning should last based on the type of house you have. You are able to adjust the hours up or down, but you have to book a minimum of 2 hours per order. You will then be asked how often you would like the cleaning done, and the date. If you would like regular cleaning, enter which day and from which week you would like it to begin. You will then get a list of all the cleaners that are vacant for the time entered. You will see user reviews for cleaners in the app too.

After you have selected which location you wish to have cleaned and at what time, the cleaners that have registered in the area will appear in the app. They will be ranked in order based on the ratings that past clients have given them. You can enter each cleaner’s profile, and see how many jobs the cleaner has completed and what rating they have.

After you have chosen the cleaner you prefer, press “send request”. The cleaner will then receive a push notification with the request and must then confirm the assignment. When the cleaner has confirmed the assignment, the customer will get a message in the chat that the booking is confirmed.

Anyone who registers as a cleaner gets to decide their hourly wage, but are not allowed to offer rates under tariff. 80% of the payment goes to the cleaner.

When the cleaner has confirmed the assignment, a chat function will open between the customer and the cleaner. Here you will have the opportunity to chat with the cleaner and inform them where the key and cleaning equipment is, and specific information about rooms, etc. In this chat, google translate is available so if the cleaner does not speak the same language as the you, the cleaner has the opportunity to write messages in their own language.

We recommend being at home the first time the cleaner comes, but if that isn’t possible, you can easily give your cleaning person messages via chat.

If you have ordered three hours, but the cleaner thinks it requires four hours, one can change the number of hours in the order. The customer must always approve the changes. If you do not agree with the change, send your cleaner a message and the cleaner will only work the number of hours booked. We recommend that you use the chat-function in such context.

The customer must put forward what is required of cleaning equipment.
This should be available for when cleaning person arrives:

-A cleaning product for floors etc
-Window cleaning spray
-Kitchen cleaning spray
-Bathroom cleaning pray
-Vacuum cleaner
-Bucket and mop / cleaning rod and cloth
-Cloths for every room

We recommend tidying before the cleaner arrives. This is so that your cleaner can use their time more efficiently.

Standard housekeeping:

Living room:
-Mop Floor
-Dust all available surfaces
-Vacuum clean sofa
-Clean surfaces (dining table, living room table, TV stand, etc.)

-Mop Floor
-Dust all available surfaces
-Clean kitchen tops
-Clean sink
-Clean surface of stove
-Empty trash can

Bathroom / toilet:
-Mop Floor
-Dust all available surfaces
-Clean counter tops, vanity and mirror
-Clean shower / bathtub
-Clean toilet
-Empty trash can

-Mop Floor
-Dust all available surfaces
-Make the bed

Entrance etc:
-Mop Floor
-Dust all available surfaces
-Also other tasks as agreed between the customer and cleaner

If there are other things you want to have done, ask your cleaner via chat about how long he or she requires.
Cleaners do not perform exterior window cleaning because of security reasons.

Anyone who wants can register as a cleaner. To be registered in the app the cleaner must have an approved work permit and be at least 18 years old. Anyone who signs up in Vaskehjelp AS is self-employed. If any of the cleaners that are registered in Vaskehjelp AS are convicted of a crime, they will be removed from the app.

If your cleaner doesn’t show up, try to contact the cleaner via chat. If you don´t get any response, cancel the job and book a new cleaner.

If you are not satisfied, contact the cleaner via chat. You can either ask the cleaner to come back, or you can give them a bad rating. If you give several different cleaners low ratings, Vaskehjelp AS will contact you.

You can easily change / cancel your order by changing it in the app. There you will have the opportunity to either reschedule, change the number of hours or cancel the job.

If there are pets in the house, they must be put in a cage, closed room etc. The cleaner must be notified of any animal that is at home and where it is.

When you register a profile, you also register your credit card. This card will be charged automatically after your cleaner has finished the job. Eg. If you have booked a cleaner Thursday from 12:00 to 16:00 the amount will be drawn on Thursday at 16.00. The amount will be reserved 24 hours before the cleaning starts.

Vaskehjelp AS is a marketplace that connects customers and cleaners. The customer and cleaner are responsible for things that could occur in the home.

If something should go wrong with the payment, technical problems etc, please contact our customer service.
Monday-Friday from 09.00 to 16.00 by phone 913 70 090, or send an email to support@vaskehjelp.no

If you have any complaints, send a written complaint to the cleaner with a copy to support@vaskehjelp.no. Vaskehjelp AS will hold your payment until you and the cleaner have resolved the matter. The complaint must be made within 24 hours from when the cleaning is complete.

Personal data will be treated according to the Personal Data Act. By accepting the terms of the app, you simultaneously give consent that your personal data can be used as laid down in the Personal Data Act Chapter II.